NMI takes over cab services from NMO


NMO’s withdrawal from the market opens door for NMi to support former NMO customers

On 31 January 2022, The UK National Measurement Office (NMO) announced it would no longer provide Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) services as of 30 April 2022. Former NMO customers will now need to turn to other CABs for any necessary certification services.

This follows the news that NMi, the Netherlands Measurement Institute, has become the first European notified body operating in the measuring instrument sector to set up in the UK and secure appointment as a UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) approved body. NMi can now serve as a single point of contact for businesses looking to acquire both UKCA and CE product markings.

This has prompted The Office for Product and Safety Standards to name NMi as a suitable alternative provider for Module D certificates and Module B-type certificates. NMO customers are also able to transfer their existing certificates to NMi.

“NMi’s new appointment fills the service gap created by NMO’s withdrawal from the market, allowing us to compete and be the ‘go-to’ service provider,” says Adrian Rudd, UK Manager at NMi

NMO Market exit, what you need to know… 

  • Module D Certificates – To remain valid, current NMO certificates must be transferred to another CAB before 30 April 2022 or before expiry (whichever is sooner).
  • Module B Certificates – Module B certificates will remain valid until they expire and/or you require amendments to them, at which time you will need to find an alternative provider who can facilitate renewal/amendment.
  • CE to UKCA conversions of Module B certificates – If you currently have work in progress with the NMO, then you will be contacted by OPS&S to discuss completion of these conversions.

NMi can provide UKCA and EU conformity assessment services applicable to each kind of measuring instrument, including type evaluation and manufacturing quality assurance. NMi’s services also cover new product evaluation, revisions to existing certifications and transfer of EU certifications to UKCA (and vice-versa).

Source: https://nmi.nl/nmi-takes-over-cab-services-from-nmo/

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NMi is a company that has his roots back in the in the early Middle Ages. In villages and cities were so-called Calibration Masters appointed by urban administrators. The scales, balances, bows, weights and lengths were introduced to check and inspect the goods. All to promote fairness in trade. Around 1820, the urban Calibration Offices were opened. As far as we know 19 of these offices were opened in the Netherlands, including one in Dordrecht, NL. The calibration offices disappeared over the years. In 1989 we moved from government institution to a private company with a new name, Nederlands Meet Instituut. Later as a member of TNO and present of FDI (First Dutch Innovations).