Parylene Coating for IP68 Hermetically Sealed Load Cells


To provide additional protection in extreme environments/atmospheres where stress corrosion
could occur on stainless steel load cells, any IP68-rated hermetically sealed load cells
manufactured by Thames Side Sensors Ltd. can be provided with a special transparent ‘Parylene’
coating to give excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals. This can increase the lifetime of
these load cells by a very significant margin.
Parylene is the generic name for poly-para-xylylenes. These materials form linear,
highly-crystalline polymers that are chemically & biologically inert and stable, therefore they are
excellent barrier materials. Coating thicknesses on load cells are typically 15-18 microns (μm) and
are pinhole-free. Contact us now for a quotation specific to your application.
Key data about Parylenes:
– They are almost completely unaffected by solvents, have low bulk permeability and easily
pass a 100 hour salt-spray test.
– They also have good thermal endurance and can perform in air without significant loss of
physical properties for 10 years at +80 °C.
The Parylene Coating Process:
– The process is unique in coating technology and is carried out under vacuum with specialised
– The coating chamber is at room temperature and the pyrolised Parylene vapour condenses
on all surfaces uniformly and with equal thickness. This vapour can pass through holes as
small as 1 micron in diameter.
– The Parylene vapour then spontaneously polymerises to form a product with a high degree
of crystallinity.

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