PLSB-25K Alloy Steel, Environmentally Sealed Load Cell- Ricelake


The PLSB-25K is used in Rice Lake’s twist-lock and stacking cone mount assemblies. This rigid mount, double-ended shear beam load cell is used when a series of mounts are not fixed to a frame at all times. The PLSB-25K can also be used in applications with dynamic forces.

PLSB-25k Specifications

Output Resistance:
722 ohm (nominal)

Input Resistance:
700 ohm (nominal)

Alloy steel

14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)

Rated Excitation:
15 VDC (5 to 10 V recommended)

±0.25% full scale

Insulation Resistance:
2,000 megohm at 50 VDC

Seal Type:
Environmentally sealed, IP66

Cable Length:
20 ft: PN 179827
50 ft: PN 191898

Wire Color Code:
Green +Signal
White  -Signal
Black Excitation
Drain Wire – Shield

One-year limited

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