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Laboratory Weighing Analytical Balances Analytical Balance MS105 – METTLER TOLEDO

Analytical Balance MS105

This is a high-accuracy semi-microbalance designed for precise weighing of small samples. It has a capacity of 120 grams with a readability of 0.01 milligrams. The balance features ergonomic draft shield doors, a durable metal housing, and quick-release glass panels for effortless cleaning. Additionally, it offers easy leveling for accurate measurements.

Precise Semi-Micro Weighing

The renowned MonoBloc weighing cell enables you to weigh small samples down to 5 decimal place readability.

Assured Ongoing Accuracy

To ensure consistently accurate results, the built-in FACT technology uses the 2 internal weights to automatically test and adjust the balance.

Space Saving Design

The draft shield doors do not project beyond the balance and the interface ports are mounted sideways to make best use of your valuable workspace.

Specifications – Analytical Balance MS105Maximum Capacity120 gReadability0.01 mgRepeatability, typical0.015 mgSettling Time3 sAdjustmentInternal (automatic/FACT)InterfacesUSB-B (to device) RS232 (integrated/optional)Temperature accuracy (±)0.0002 ppm/°CDisplayHigh contrast display (HCD)Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)30 mgLegal for TradeNoWeighing Pan Diameter80 mmDimensions (HxWxD)331 mm x 247 mm x 358 mmApproved BalanceNoBalance LineMSBalance TypeAnalytical BalanceLinearity, typical0.03 mgLinearity ±0.1 mgDocumentation OptionsPrinting Basic Electronic DocumentationEvaporation TrapYesHousingDie-cast aluminum, plastic PA-12Price$$FamilyAdvancedLevelAdvanced $$PowerAC Power supplyResolution0.01 mgHygienic DesignYes

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