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UNIT WEIGHING Metal detection

PKM Industrial offers for the detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants, MotoWeigh metal detection systems that provide a critical balance of sensitivity without the most common shutdown alarms.  Unlike X-ray systems, MotoWeigh metal detection systems are designed to detect disturbances in a generated magnetic field, making them more suitable for products that vary in size, shape and orientation.  Metal detection systems are also proven to last up to three times longer in harsh industrial environments.


  1. Easy software operation: MotoWeigh metal detection systems arrive factory programmed to your exact product specifications. Using the full-color touch screen, users can add new products, change parameters, and take advantage of advanced configuration and data reporting capabilities.

  2. Seven-inch touchscreen with Spanish translation capability

  3. Password-protected access

  4. Automatic product setup and learning

  5. Easily manageable product limits / rejects

  6. One-touch log report

  7. Access to stored logs, settings and functions directly via remote technical support

  8. Access to automation of industrialized processes for commerce; production area and product dispatch.

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