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What is BIML?

The International Bureau of Legal Metrology is the Secretariat and headquarters of the OIML, ensuring both the day-to-day running of activities and the planning of longer-term actions.

The tasks of the Bureau are:

  1. to organize the meetings of the Conference and of the Committee,

  2. to take care of the implementation of the Conference and Committee decisions,

  3. to assure the secretariat of the Presidential Council and of appropriate working groups,

  4. to supervise and coordinate the OIML’s technical work and to publish and distribute the publications of the Organization,

  5. to publish the OIML Bulletin, and to maintain the OIML website,

  6. to maintain contacts with other organizations pursuing an activity connected with that of the Organization,

  7. to prepare and implement the budget of the Organization, and to present financial reports to the CIML.

If you are interested in learning more about BIML, click on the link below:

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