Technical Description

TransportABLE for easy installation on existing concrete area with steel ramps.
Can easily be installed on new foundations with concrete ramps to suit requirements.


Supplied in 5M and 6M modules for variable weighing options:
• 5M or 6M for van weighing
• 10M for skips and tippers
• 15M for artics
• 18M or 20M for wagon and drags
• 25M and 30M for road trains.

Supplied in 5M and 6M modules for easy export in a 20’ container.
In 1 of 20@ container we can export either 2 of 15M weighbridges with steel ramps or 2 of 18M weighbridges with no ramps or 1 of 15M, 18M, 20M, 24M weighbridge complete with steel ramps, multiple choices to suit your requirements.

Easily packable into a container to be exported.

Certify ABLE
To be legally compliant in all world markets, we can supply our ABLE weighbridges with the correct loadcells to meet NTEP, EC and other world directives by supplying either shearbeam or column loadcells supplied by some of the worlds biggest loadcell manufacturers.Mettron ABLE Weighbridge SystemThe most innovative weighbridge ever manufactured, now as an Export.


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