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Professional measurement data management with MaDaM

MaDaM, the complete measurement data management (MDM) system for distributed work processes, incorporates cutting-edge indexing technology. Now that distributed development centers are being introduced in many companies, MaDaM gives test engineers immediate access to all test data, depending on their authorization level.

Users can quickly and safely extract relevant content from test data for downstream analysis. Thanks to its web-based architecture, MaDaM provides scalable solutions for applications ranging from single company branches to globally interconnected development centers.

MaDaM from Kistler is a complete, scalable measurement data management system that deploys state-of-the-art indexing technologies.

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    “To achieve the possible, we must attempt the impossible” – this was already clear to German author and Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse. Engineers Walter P. Kistler and Hans Conrad Sonderegger achieved something seemingly impossible in 1950 when they invented and patented the world’s first charge amplifier (charge/voltage converter) – a breakthrough that ushered in the widespread industrial use of piezoelectric measurement technology and laid the foundation for the success story of the Kistler Group that was established nine years later in Winterthur (Switzerland).