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PS Drum Weighing Scale

BAYKON PS drum scale is a mobile scale designed to enable weighing and filling of drums in any location of the industrial plants. It’s 35mm platform height provides ergonomic and practical loading and unloading of drums.

Depending on the industrial environment, it is available as static painted, galvanised or stainless steel structures. Weight indicator is standard stainless steel, IP65 and battery-powered.

BAYKON PS Drum weighing scale is produced according to EU OIML standards. They are designed to supply accurate and reliable weighing for years in any kind of industrial environments.

Functional Features

Robust Construction 
• 35mm platform height
• Stainless steel, IP68 hermetically sealed load cells
• Static painted, galvanised or stainless steel structure
• Industrial type, stainless steel, IP65 protected, battery powered indicators

Weighing and Filling 
• Weighing and filling of drums in any location
• Operator prompting for correct filling by color changing display
• 24 hour continuous operation supported by Li-ion batteries
• Optional Wireless data transfer


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