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PW800™ Pallet Truck Scale


  • Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading
  • 5,000 lb (2,500 kg) Capacity
  • Lowest Profile Forks at 2.9″ (685mm) and 48″ (219mm) Overall Stance
  • LED Display is 1.5” (38mm)
  • Batteries: 9-D Cell Alkaline Providing up to 400 Hours of Use (Batteries Included)


Cost-Effective Solution to Weigh & Transport Goods
The PW800™ is the preferred choice for pallet truck scales because it integrates load cells within low-profile, 2.9″ forks.  These load cells offer the industry’s highest standard capacity at 5,000 x 1lb (2,500 x 0.5kg), with an accuracy of ±0.1%.
  • 5,000lb (2,500kg) Capacity
  • Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading
  • LED Display is 1.5” (38mm)
  • Lowest Profile Forks at 2.9″ (685mm) & 48″ (1,219mm) Overall Stance
  • Batteries: 9-D Cell Alkaline Providing up to 400 Hours of Use (Batteries Included)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Can be Interfaced with Customer-Supplied Indicator


Overweight containers have been an issue for years, so in order to make vessel stowage planning more efficient and safer, SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) rules requiring a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of containers prior to the containers being loaded onto ships have
been issued. These requirements protect the terminal operator employees as well as the vessel and its cargo and go into effect
Ultimately, it is the Shipper’s (party listed as the shipper in the bill of lading or sea waybill) responsibility to provide the VGM to the carrier prior to the container being loaded onto the ship. All countries that are members of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will be required to adopt these VGM rules; while enforcement will be at the local/state level.
Shippers should be ready to comply with these regulations in June 2016. In order to comply, precision weighing solutions will be required to verify VGM in one of the following ways:
Method 1: Weigh the container completely packed
Method 2: Weigh each package/item being loaded into the container and add the tare weight of the container
Method 1 Solution: PT300™ Wheel Load Scales
•Available in a Variety of Capacities
•Accuracy of ±1% of Reading
•Rugged, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
•Highly Portable
•View Total Weight from Any Scale
Method 2 Solution: PW800™ Pallet Truck Scales
•5,000lb (2,500kg) Capacity
•Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading
•High Quality, American-Made Construction
•Large, Easy-to-Read LED Display
•Standard D-Cell Batteries Last up to 400 Hours
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