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Radiation Portal Monitors & Detection Systems-Weightron

Weightron has teamed up with site security experts Saphymo to offer the SaphyGATE G Radiation Detection System, a dynamic, interactive Radiation Portal Monitor. This innovative and highly effective safety system is designed to protect your business by detecting low-level artificial and natural radioactive sources in vehicles, rail cars and cargo loads.

As more and more materials are recycled nationwide, and as waste sources become more complex and diverse on an international basis, there is a growing need to monitor waste materials for traces of radiation before they are reprocessed or incinerated. Early detection of contaminated loads protects your operation and avoids the high costs of clean-up operations and the disposal of contaminated material.

The SaphyGATE G System is ideal for:

  • Metal Recyclers
  • Energy from Waste Sites
  • Steel Plants
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Medical Waste Recyclers

Weighbridge installations are critical control points at site entrances, making them the ideal location to install the Saphymo detection systems. As the loaded vehicle or container passes through the sensitive radiation detector plates, positioned at each side of the weighbridge, it is scanned for traces of radioactivity. The portal monitor systems can be programmed for specific radiation thresholds and if it determines that a radioactive source is present, either in the load or the vehicle, the system activates an alarm to immediately notify site security.

SaphyGATE G uses an innovative algorithm, designed to compensate for the background attenuation caused by the vehicle driving through. This feature allows the system to perform enhanced radiation detection with a lower false alarm rate compared to other systems, even in the case of small radioactivity sources. The SaphyGATE software can be integrated directly with our Winweigh software.

We can provide full support and calibration services for the SaphyGATE radiological portal monitor systems across the UK. For further information on protecting your site, please contact us.

Download Vehicle Radiation Detection Datasheet

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