RX57 and RX100/S weighing displays are designed to use in various industrial environments, from foot industry to steel industry at indoor and outdoor usages. These remote displays can be connected to Baykon weighing indicator, weighing terminals and digital transmitters.
The visor in the package can be used at outdoor installations to increase the display readability in case of direct sunlight, rain and snow.
RX100S remote display designed with a extremely bright LEDs like traffic lights. The display brightness is automatically changes with the environment lightening level for comfortable seeing under every light condition from day to night.


RX57 – RX100
-6 digit 57 mm LED display (RX57)
-6 digit 100 mm LED display (RX100)
-Stainless steel housing
-Stability, net annunciators
-RS232C and RS485 interfaces
-Visor against direct sun light

-Extremely bright LED’s for operation under direct sunlight.
-Automatic brightness control against direct sun light to night light conditions.
-Special protection of LED’s minimizes the direct sunlight effects on the LED’s

Outdoor usage
-Waterproof housing
-Sun shield to protect display from direct sun light and heavy rain affects.
-Automatic brightness control of RX100S provides the same comfort under different environmental light conditions

Heavy industrial products
-These instruments are designed for heavy industrial environments.
-IP67 stainless steel housing
-Wide operating temperature range from -15 to 55 °C
-Easy cleaning


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