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The term “stainless steel” covers numerous quality steel grades differing from each other in chemical composition, degree of resistance and properties. This means that one type of stainless steel can have several times the corrosion resistance of another.
The most often used steel in RADWAG balances and scales is AISI 304. It is used for the majority of weighing pans, indicators and terminals housings and structural elements in products marked ‘stainless’ or ‘waterproof’.  In contrast, AISI 316 steel is used to manufacture 1-load-cell platforms of increased resistance, marked as “HR”, and in some versions of checkweighers.


Stainless steel, also known as waterproof steel, is popularly associated with higher resistance to external conditions and corrosion. In fact,the term “stainless steel” covers the whole family of quality steels differing from each other in chemical composition, degree of resistance and properties.
In practice, this means that one type of stainless steel can have several times the corrosion resistance of another.


The degree of corrosion resistance is highly dependent on the quantity of chromium added
to the steel. A protective passivation layer, i.e. a thin oxide film, forms on the surface of the steel, invisible to the naked eye. It is formed naturally as a result of a chemical reaction between the chromium contained in stainless steel and the oxygen contained in the air. It prevents corrosion of steel and influences its resistance. Increased chromium content and
the addition of other alloying elements, such as nickel and molybdenum, further increase the resistance of steel.

AISI 304

AISI 304 is the most commonly used steel grade in RADWAG products, mainly used for
the majority of weighing panes. It is also used for the manufacture of structural elements in products marked ‚stainless’ or ‚waterproof ’. AISI 304 steel is also used for indicators and weighing terminals housings.

AISI 316

AISI 316 steel is used to manufacture 1-load-cell platforms of increased resistance, marked
as „HR”. It is used to design weighing pans and structural elements of HR platforms. AISI 316 steel is also used in some models of checkweighers.
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