Convert your tank, reactors or silos into a scale…
BAYKON weigh modules enable you to convert your tanks, reactors and silos into a scale accurately and safely.

You can see the weight, handle your weighing process fast and easily, follow the stock status of your materials continuously and directly integrate them into your ERP/SCADA systems.

You can weigh your tanks safely and practically by using BAYKON weigh modules. Your tank scale will enable you to weigh your products directly into your tank and reactors which will provide fast, easy working conditions and high productivity.





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Since 1987, industrial weighing instruments manufacturer BAYKON has built upon its reputation for product quality, international experience, technical innovation, fast and effective customer support. We deliver weighing products that integrate productivity, compliance, quality and safety into your weighing applications and solutions. Our experienced and well trained team using the most up-to-date technology, develops and manufactures state of the art weighing instruments; our project team, as a solution provider, eliminates customers problems by developing innovative products and customized solutions.