The Importance of Weight when Transporting Products


Whether by land, air or sea, weight and volume affect the cost and duration of product transport.

Weight is one of the main logistical challenges for companies, so that their customers may receive products on time and in the best conditions.

In logistics, weight contributes to calculating the price of the service, as it implies loading, unloading, fuel and even special packaging structures.

In relation to land transport, there are weight limits established that aim to avoid damaging roads, bridges, viaducts, etc. These limits must therefore be respected.

The same happens with air or sea transport, the weight of the boat or plane, passengers, luggage and goods must be known so that the maximum values ?? are respected. Only after having knowledge of these numbers can the fuel and the time needed to reach the destination be estimated.

Weighbridges and industrial scales are of great importance to ensure that companies are complying with established weight limits. Weighing systems are conceived as high precision in order to facilitate the process and so that the results are accurate.


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