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Things to consider before buying an industrial scale

Before making the decision to buy a weighing solution for your company, you should consider some aspects, including the following:

Installation – most BARBAL ® Industrial scales are prepared for flush or floor mounting, you just have to consider which option is most favorable for you.

Material – depending on the environment where the platform is to be placed and the product to be weighed, BARBAL ® scales offer options such as industrial painting finish, AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel or galvanization to adapt perfectly to any situation.

Plate dimensions – can be customized, but generally the standard dimensions of the weighing plates are from 1000x1000mm to 1500x1500mm.

Indicator – you must evaluate if it is convenient to be tactile, with its own, intuitive software, alphanumeric keyboard, etc. It is important to analyze the one that best suits your resources.

Maximum weight capacity – each BARBAL ® industrial platform model is strictly designed for a specific maximum weight capacity. However, in addition to customized structures, we can also design scales with a maximum and / or minimum of specific weight for your needs.

Division – is another aspect to consider. Normally, in this type of scales the division can vary between 100g and 1kg, depending on each model.

Ramp – the ramp facilitates the entry and exit of instruments that we use to facilitate the transport of the product that we are going to weigh. Many scales come equipped with a ramp, you can always request a second one.  

Shock absorbers – the shock absorbers, which can be operated by gas, facilitate the lifting and lowering of the plate and are very important for the safety of users, preventing them from being accidentally trapped.

Parts counting function – this function saves you a lot of time in weighing processes.

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