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UniBloc Analytical Balances AUW D Series – Shimadzu

UniBloc Analytical Balances

AUW-D series dual-range semi-micro balances Excellent Weighing Performance

  • Compact UniBloc mechanism and digital processing technology produce fast response and stability at the same time.

For Applications

  • Shimadzu’s unique Balance Keys a standard feature.
    Measurement results can be transmitted to Excel or other Windows applications without installing any additional software on your computer. All you have to add is one RS-232C cable.
  • Piece counting, various mass units, below-weigh hook, specific gravity measurement software are all standard features.

Automatic span calibration

Choice of fully-automatic calibrations: PSC and Clock-CAL

Operator can choose from two fully-automatic span calibration methods. “PSC” is initiated based on temperature change detection, whereas “Clock-CAL” operates at user pre-set times (up to three times a day).

Choice of fully-automatic calibrations: PSC and Clock-CAL

Choice of fully-automatic calibrations: PSC and Clock-CAL

Touch-key calibration

Automated calibration can be started by pressing keys. (AUW-D/AUW/AUX models)
Also, your external calibration weights can be used for span calibration. (All models)

Data management

GLP/GMP/ISO calibration report

Calibration report can be automatically printed using an optional electronic printer. Date and time are also output to meet GLP/GMP/ISO requirements.

Application support

Interval Timer

Data can be automatically output at time intervals set in the range from 1 second to 99 minutes 59 seconds. This function can be also combined with Balance Keys. (AUW-D/AUW/AUX models)

Piece Counting and Unit Conversion

In addition to piece counting, the balance can also perform measurements as percentages and in a variety of mass units, such as carat.

RS-232C interface

All models a standard standard RS-232C interface for easy integration with other devices and computers.

Specific Gravity Measurement

Installing the optional SMK-401 specific gravity measurement kit transforms the balance into a dedicated instrument for measuring specific gravity or density. Specific gravity measurement software is already installed in the Shimadzu balance.

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