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In the production of most food products weighing instruments are used in at least one part of the process. Weighing instruments are a key element of quality control systems and are important to improve the quality and reliability of food production. Furthermore, modern weighing instruments contribute to the further atomization of production processes causing e<ciency gains and productivity growth. Without accurate weighing instruments, processes will be slower and less reliable. Particularly in an area such as food production reliability is essential.


Food processing is highly automated. Food producing machines will add the exact right quantity of ingredients to each meal at a high speed. Weighing instruments are used to measure the right quantity of ingredients that is added to each meal. It is crucial for food safety that weighing instruments function accurately. Therefore, reliable and accurate weighing instruments are essential in the food processing industry.
A large share of the food products sold in supermarkets is sold based on weight. Consumers should be able to trust the weight indicated is according to the legislation.
Reliable and accurate weighing instruments protect the consumers ́ interests to guarantee that they can receive the product they pay for.
Due to the automation of food production processes, the efficiency of food production increased significantly. Consequently, food prices for consumers are reduced. An essential part of the food production process is automatic weighing instruments that can measure hundreds of products within one minute. Weighing each product separately on a non-automatic scale would increase the time and costs spend on the production. Hence, automatic weighing instruments are contributing to increase efficiency and lower food prices.


In the future, weighing instruments will enable the food production process to change further. Weighing instruments can support further traceability of food which improves food safety. Moreover, further customization would also be possible with weighing instruments.
Continuous improvements in automatic weighing instruments will increase the speed of production and improve reliability. All aspects where weighing instrument play a major role
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    About the author


    CECIP is the European association for national trade organisations representing the European manufacturers of weighing instruments.
    Founded in 1958, CECIP has today 14 members. These include 11 national member associations from: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom and three company members from Portugal, Sweden and Turkey.

    The weighing industry has gone through tremendous changes in the past decades with new technologies and techniques being introduced in all sectors. Nowadays weighing instruments plays an important role in every industry, contributing to the quality of the final product.

    Today, CECIP is playing its role within Europe, striving for common and harmonised standards to be adopted at European and International levels. These standards and legislation should provide safety and quality to both consumers and users of weighing instruments. CECIP aims to provide valuable contributions to improve the quality of legislation and standards.