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Weight Indicator-185 Rival

Cardinal Scale’s 185 Rival is a high-quality, economical durable weight indicator with bright-green LCD for easy viewing. The washdown IP66-rated attractive moulded ABS enclosure is built for durability in harsh indoor or outdoor weighing applications. Also available with rechargeable battery power, the Model 185B is powered by six standards, off-the-shelf AA Alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries. Internal battery circuitry automatically detects the battery type for charging.

The 185 Rival may be used as a remote display for long-range viewing when connected to another weight display. The 1-in/25-mm high bold green LCD is visible from a distance. The 185 indicator comes with a versatile stainless steel swivel mounting bracket for desktop or wall-mount set up. The 185’s anti-slip mounting bracket includes rotational lock-in set points adjustable in discrete 15º increments for exact positioning of the display right where you want it. It features RS232 serial output with waterproof gland connectors for connectivity with a PC or printer. The watertight power connector meets washdown requirements.

The 185 Rival is ideal for bench scales used in commercial food service and general weighing applications, warehouse and distribution facility floor scales, recycling and outdoor materials weighing, and industrial vessel weighing where high visibility is beneficial. The 185 is NTEP, Measurement Canada, and OIML approved.


  • Ideal for bench scales used in commercial food service and general weighing applications
  • High visibility for warehouse and distribution facility floor scales
  • Recycling and outdoor materials weighing
  • Industrial vessel weighing where high visibility is beneficial
  • NTEP, Measurement Canada, and OIML approved


  • High-quality, economical durable weight indicator
  • Bright-green backlit LCD for easy viewing
  • Available with rechargeable battery power
  • Washdown IP66-rated for harsh environments
  • Available in two models (185 and 185B)
  • Bold 1-inch/25-mm high backlit LCD
  • Attractive moulded ABS enclosure built for durability in harsh indoor or outdoor applications
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket included
  • lb, oz, kg, and g weighing units
  • Ability to drive up to four 350Ω load cells
  • 6,000 divisions NTEP certified and Measurement Canada approved legal-for-trade weighing resolution
  • Built-in, bi-directional RS232 port for printing or connection to PC
  • Battery level indicator on model 185B
  • Piece counting mode
  • Easy-to-manage, 4-screw, 2-piece enclosure
  • Simple 7 button operation
  • Internal audit trail for NTEP and OIML requirements
  • Country of Origin: USA


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