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What is a Baby cum Adult Scale? – Hindustan Scale Company

A Baby Cum Adult Weighing Scale is the one that can take the weight of a Neonatal also and an adult also. Additionally, this will also take the weight of a Child. In short, this scale can weigh everybody. This scale is also called Baby Cum Mama Scale because it is installed in Hospitals specifically for pregnant women. The weight is taken throughout her pregnancy and then when the baby is delivered, the weight of the baby is tracked using this.

Baby Cum Adult or Baby cum Mama scales are usually used in Hospitals, Maternity clinics, or dispensaries that deal with Pregnant women and babies. Also, malnourished kids’ weight is tracked on this scale.

The Price of a Baby Cum Adult Scale or Baby Cum Mama Scale or Baby Mama Scale is between 6000 and 7500. When buying a BCI Scale, Baby Cum Mama Scale, or Baby Mama Scale, make sure that it has the following characteristics or features.

Important Characteristics & Features of Baby Cum Adult Scale are as follows

  • Big tray to support the infant and also have enough room for an adult to stand on the platform
  • Anti Drifting feature
  • Tare/Zero button
  • water resistance and cleanable
  • Sturdy
  • One-year warranty
  • The capacity of at least 250 kg
  • Stamped by the Legal Metrology Department
  • Accuracy of at least 10 gm
  • Battery Backup of at least 20 hours


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