Why Is It Important to Weigh Animals?


One of the first symptoms, when an animal is sick, is weight reduction. That is why, as humans also we weigh ourselves every time we visit the doctor or the hospital.

Why is it important to weigh animals?

An abrupt decline or gain in weight, together with a decrease in appetite and lethargy, can be a strong sign that something is wrong with your pet. Weight loss is linked to major ailments such as kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer, to name a few.

Why should you weigh your Pets?

Although weight loss or growth is a good predictor of sickness, did you know that being overweight might be hazardous to your pet? Obesity in pets can lead to issues like arthritis, skin ailments, and breathing difficulties.

That’s why your veterinarian will weigh your pet at the beginning of each visit. This is so that they can not only keep track of their weight but also check to see if they’re overweight and offer you recommendations on how to deal with it.

What scales can you use to weigh your pets?

Most veterinary clinics and even some pet supply stores feature scales where you may weigh your pet for free. You can, however, acquire your weighing scale to use at home for complete convenience.

Why should you weigh your Livestock?

Regular weigh-ins are essential when it comes to weighing cattle, whether you’re raising them or preparing them for any other purpose.

For Breeding

Weighing can assist you in making critical decisions during the breeding process.

To begin, weigh your cattle and determine which animals in the herd have the healthiest weight and, as a result, are most likely to produce healthy progeny. If a cow is too little, it may have trouble calving, and if a cow is too huge, it may end up costing more in the long term due to increased consumption.

Weighing your animals before starting the breeding process can help you make better breeding decisions that will benefit your herd.

For Feeding

When feeding your animals, you can use weight to ensure that they get the right amount of food. This keeps you from overfeeding, which can cause health problems, or underfeeding, which lowers the animal’s output and leads to weight loss.

Weight tracking during a feed transition can also help you determine which feed is more nutritional for your animals, as it may result in the greatest average daily weight gain.

This can also help you keep track of feed usage so that you don’t run out of it.

For Medicine

Did you know that based on an animal’s body weight, you should adjust the number of antibiotics, wormers, or sedatives you give them?

Giving them too much or too little medication can result in an overdose or no effect.

You can be more precise with your drug dosages and provide successful treatment if you weigh your animal beforehand. It can also save you money by preventing you from overpaying for drugs you don’t require and avoiding any potential medical costs associated with overdosing.

For Efficiency

You’re raising livestock to make money at the end of the day. Knowing the weight of your cattle and how they’re progressing can help you make more informed business decisions that affect your herd’s survival.

Weighing your herd early on can assist you to spot animals that aren’t going to perform effectively. You can spot animals who aren’t gaining weight as predicted, and you can even spot illness before it becomes a significant problem.

Why should we weigh zoo animals?

Weighing zoo animals is so crucial that many zoos commit a week each year to weighing all of the animals in their care.

Their weight can be used to help with animal conservation in the wild, as well as a key sign of health or whether they’re pregnant.

Scale training is an important component of weighing zoo animals that can make the task much easier. Getting the animals used to their scales and encouraging them to stand on them regularly can benefit them in the long run.

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