Will a Scale Work on a Forklift?


Forklifts are valuable in many applications including industrial factories, cargo loading, food handling and more. Adding a scale to your forklift saves you money and time by allowing you to weigh and transport product in one step.

The most common types of forklifts are counter balances, reach trucks, telescopic handlers, side loaders, rough terrain and walkies. Scales can be designed to fit a variety of forklifts, but your local scale distributor will carefully evaluate your forklifts to determine the best solution.

The counter balance is the most popular forklift and is easily maneuverable, making it ideal a variety of different tasks. As the name suggests, this type of forklift will counter balance the off-set of the weight loaded on the front end. Most counter balance manufacturers design their product to easily accommodate an array of attachments. Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ CLS forklift scale was designed to attach to counter balance forklifts.

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