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World with Weighing campaign reaches its end – CECIP

Brussels, 1 September 2021: The ‘World with Weighing’ campaign, organised by the European weighing industry association CECIP, has come to an end. Starting in March, the campaign aimed at informing the public, users and buyers about the importance of accurate and reliable weighing. Visuals, video’s and articles on social media highlighted the role of quality weighing in the current world. First of all, it was shown how weighing is essential in our daily lives. From the moment a baby is born and weighed to the food someone eats on a daily basis or the innovative medicines produced, life wouldn’t be the same without weighing instruments. As mentioned in the tag line of the campaign, weighing is more than just a number. Weighing enables high-quality research, ensures fair business transactions and improves the quality of production.

In a second phase, the focus was not just on weighing itself, but the importance of quality weighing. Small inaccuracies in the weighing results can have big consequences on the quality of production, safe transport or profitability of companies. Hence, it is key for businesses to invest in the right equipment and proper maintenance of the instruments to ensure accuracy over their lifetime. Finally, the effect of the existing legal metrology framework consisting of legislation, standards, guides and recommendations was explained in the campaign. Compliance with this elaborate framework is not optional for users and buyers of weighing instruments. Consequently, businesses and consumers and protected by guaranteeing the correct price and quality for products sold and bought.

Overall, the campaign is considered a great success by CECIP by spreading the messages to a large crowd via the different channels. CECIP is committed to continuing to inform weighing instrument users and consumers about the importance of quality weighing. Therefore, the campaign website ( remains available and further activities are expected in the future.


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CECIP is the European association for national trade organisations representing the European manufacturers of weighing instruments.
Founded in 1958, CECIP has today 14 members. These include 11 national member associations from: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom and three company members from Portugal, Sweden and Turkey.

The weighing industry has gone through tremendous changes in the past decades with new technologies and techniques being introduced in all sectors. Nowadays weighing instruments plays an important role in every industry, contributing to the quality of the final product.

Today, CECIP is playing its role within Europe, striving for common and harmonised standards to be adopted at European and International levels. These standards and legislation should provide safety and quality to both consumers and users of weighing instruments. CECIP aims to provide valuable contributions to improve the quality of legislation and standards.