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Add ease, comfort and speed to your weighing workflows with the new XPR Analytical balance from METT

As Easy to Operate as Your Tablet: The New, Larger Touchscreen of the XPR Analytical Balance from METTLER TOLEDO

Today’s busy laboratories are under high pressure to be productive. The new XPR Analytical balance enhances work speed by offering operators an easy, tablet-like work experience—even through lab gloves—for a fast, intuitive weighing experience.

Greifensee, Switzerland—1st September, 2019—The new XPR Analytical balance supports your need for both accuracy and speed by offering a display screen that is even wider than the balance. Even more astounding, the XPR Analytical offers this extra workspace while maintaining an overall benchprint that is 15 percent smaller than that of its predecessor.

The larger XPR Analytical color touchscreen is easy to see and even easier to operate. It gives an overview of weighing information at a glance and improves visibility when working in lower-light areas such as cabinets and glove boxes. A clear user interface and customizable icons also make workflows simple to follow to further enhance weighing speed.

The interface helps to create a familiar, tablet-like experience that is the same across all XPR balance models. This lets labs institute universal weighing procedures to reduce both training time and training-related expenses. Integrated method functions also simplify tasks so operators can work faster and switch between balances more easily.

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