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Allow min, max, e and d on display only?-CECIP

The EU NAWI Directive 2014/31/EU obliges the maximum capacity (Max), minimum capacity (Min), verification scale interval (e) and, where relevant, the scale interval (d) to be marked on the weighing instrument. In light of digital developments, there are weighing instruments on the market where this information is shown exclusively on the primary display. This is generally allowed in the majority of EU Member States, but there are a limited number of authorities that believe this should be indicated on the data plate as well as the primary display. CECIP is of the opinion this is not required developed a position paper aiming a describing the rationale for this position.

CECIP argues that the sole purpose of the regulation on mandatory parameters is to ensure that they are actually applied to the weighing instrument in a clearly visible place, completely and indelibly (i.e. cannot be tampered with). This way the authorised field of application of the weighing instrument is clearly and unambiguously indicated. For this purpose, it is irrelevant whether this information is provided in the form of an “inscription” or by means of an indication on the display which is permanently and completely visible during the use of the weighing instruments). What is significant is the permanent and complete indication. This is guaranteed for the display as well as for the other inscriptions.

The display data Max, Min, e and d are unchangeable parameters of the weighing instrument. They are stored in the verifiable memory of the weighing instrument and cannot be changed. Access to these data is only possible after the verification seal has been destroyed. This means that the weighing instrument loses its validity for verification. The security of this data is, therefore, higher than when a label is affixed.

Based on these points CECIP is strongly convinced that it is allowed to show min, max, e and d only on the electronic display.

The full position paper can be found here

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