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Aluminum Alloy Tension Loadcell


Cardinal’s waterproof model Z aluminum tension load cells are ideally suited for single load cell tension applications. Fabricated from aircraft-quality aluminum alloy, this cell offers a cost-effective solution to many tension applications. Each load cell has threaded holes on each end for hanger assemblies (metric threads available on most models) and a strain relief seal. These load cells are potted with a proprietary sealant that provides for superior water protection and, at the same time, remains flexible over the life of the load cell. Available capacities range from 50 lb / 22.68 kg to 1,000 lb / 453.6 kg. NTEP legal-for-trade


  1. Aluminum Construction

  2. Environmentally-Sealed

  3. IP67 Protection Class

  4. Moisture-proof Barrier

  5. Precision Engineering

  6. VCAP Certified


NTEP Approval: 88-166A1 Rated Output: 2±5% mV/V Cable Length: 9 m Material: Aluminum Minimum Dead Load: 2.27 and 4.5 kg Safe Load Limit: 150% R.C. Ultimate Load: 300% R.C.

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