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American Weigh Scales Announces New OEM Program to Help Manufacturers Diversify and Boost Sale

A brand-new OEM scale program that manufacturers can bundle with their unique offerings to entice customers to buy their products has beenannounced by American Weigh Scales (AWS), a leading provider of precision measurement solutions. More than ever, manufacturers need to provide value offeringsto their customers. The new program appeals to various industries thanks to how AWS can customize agreements with each company.

Who Can Benefit From This OEM Program?

AWS can manufacture digital scales to specification for many different industries. Among those who can benefit from a specialized package that they include with their own manufactured goods are companies in these industries:

American Weigh Scales Announces New OEM Program to Help Manufacturers Diversify and Boost Sale _ Weighing News

  • Jewelry

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Firearms and ammunition

  • Food and fruit

  • Sports, including fishing and camping

  • Hobbies, such as coin collecting, photography, gold, diamonds, wax and resins

  • Brewing

  • Postal

OEM Scale Program Components

Manufacturers who contract with AWS will get a complete program, starting with concept and design, prototyping, manufacturing and production planning, quality control, marketing collaboration and shipping and logistics. We will also provide a 1% warranty defects coverage. For example, companies that purchase 1,000 units will receive an additional 10 scales for free to allow for manufacturing defects.

Customers can choose from many scales in the AWS lineup to become part of their special OEM packages. Among the most popular scales that we can customize for you are the AWS-100 and AWS-600 for ammunition and jewelry applications; and milligram scales, such as the Geminii-20, Gemini-50, and Predator-30 for ammo, jewelry, and pharmaceuticals. Our kitchen scales, like the 2Kbowl, 5Kbowl, LB series bowl scales and Barista-3KG, are ideal for culinary, agricultural and medical applications, including food and product testing and coffee. Select hanging scales, like the H-110 and SR series, for agriculture and sporting applications, including fishing and archery.

Quality scales are only part of the package. AWS can include accessories such as tweezers, funnels, weighing pans, and more, according to customer requirements.

Advantages for Customers

“American Weigh Scale has long recognized the need to produce high-quality measurement solutions at economical prices,”’ said Gary Sahni, CEO of American Weigh Scales. “Our new OEM program will provide even more value for corporate customers seeking to offer something more with their products.”

Partnering with AWS will provide customers with various advantages to help improve sales and set themselves apart from the competition. These include:

  • Decreased production costs

  • AWS’ expertise in products, solutions, and customization

  • Strengthening your brand

  • Built-in-customer base

AWS is a noted leader in the scale industry, known for its innovation, design, quality, materials, and expertise for over 20 years. As a manufacturer, we have the most diverse line of weighing products on the market, all with a 10-year warranty. These characteristics make AWS a major player in digital-scale manufacturing. Past OEM customers have included Hornady Manufacturing, MEC (Mayville Engineering Company, Tiffany & Co., and Supreme (retail apparel and accessories).

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