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ARMOR Portable Truck Scales with Digital SmartCells


Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR Portable Digital Truck Scales can be moved to multiple locations for changing job sites. Their modular design with expandable bulkheads allow you to vary platform sizes depending on weighing needs. The ARMOR Portable features IP69K-rated waterproof digital SmartCell load cells, capacities up to 135 tons, heavy-weight 50-ton CLC, 5/16 in thick checkered steel deck, anti-corrosion baked-on tan powder paint, top-side access to all electronics, and NTEP and Measurement Canada approval. The floating center module makes it easy to add or remove sections to fit application requirements.


  1. axis Frictionless Centering System Load Cell Stands

  2. Expandable Bulkheads Allow Varying Sizes

  3. Heavyweight 50-Ton CLC

  4. Load Cell Pockets Completely Surrounded by I-beams

  5. Load Cell Stands Pre-Installed for Lightning-Fast Installation

  6. Long-Lasting Baked-on Tan Powder Coat Paint

  7. Measurement Canada Certified

  8. Modular Design for Platform Sizing Adjustments

  9. NTEP Legal for Trade

  10. Optional Ramps and Bolt-on Wings

  11. Portable for Moving Job Sites

  12. SmartCell Stainless Steel Waterproof Digital Load Cells

  13. Tightly-Spaced I-beams for Optimal Structural Integrity

  14. Top-Side Access to All Electronic Components


Overall Scale Height: 18 in / 46 cm Deck Type: Checkered steel deck Deck Thickness: 5/16 in / 0.8 cm thick Paint: Anti-corrosion industrial tan powder paint Gap Between Top of Pier to Bottom of Lower Frame: 5.125 in / 13 cm for easy pier washouts Overall Capacities: Ranging from 50 tons to 135 tons Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC): 50 tons Platform Sizes: Ranging from 20 ft up to 110 ft standard Platform Width: 10, 11, or 12 ft wide standard Load Cell: Digital SmartCell model SCBD stainless steel waterproof load cell Load Cell Type: Digital double-ended shear beam strain gauge design with 75,000-pound capacity Load Cell Cables: Metal braided and run in continuous galvanized steel conduit Approvals: NTEP and Measurement Canada legal for trade Options: Ramps, strap kits, guide rails, bolt-on wings, and floating drop-in filler centre module

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