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Balancas Industriais 4 Loadcell Scale


  1. Monoblock platform designed by computer in order to achieve maximum resistance to all types of efforts and loads

  2. Reinforced structure to be able to withstand loads much higher than its nominal capacity

  3. Steel versions painted with primer and textured finish, with 4 cells in nickel-plated steel; versions in AISI 304 Stainless Steel matt polished (ground) with 4 cells entirely Stainless

  4. Built for exclusive use on the ground, this platform is supported by 4 cells that comply with IP68 protection, with CE approval certificate mentioned in the respective technical sheet

  5. Each cell supports the ground by means of a pivoting foot, made of Steel or Stainless Steel, with a kneecap system that ensures a return to the initial position against all lateral efforts. The cells are connected in a mixer box made of polyester reinforced with fibreglass, which complies with IP 66, from which the connection cable for the display comes out.

  6. Adjustable platform height from 94 to 106 mm

  7. EC Approval Certificate No. E99-00-0003

  8. Platforms compatible with our entire range of displays

  9. Equipment subject to CE verification

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