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Braga company adopts new ways of working and communicating during the pandemic state. Commercial department turned into a real distance training department.

The current moment caused by the new coronavirus presents companies with new and difficult challenges and difficulties, forcing them to adapt to a new reality and to plan their future in a different way, which will be very different in several aspects. Everyone agrees that nothing will be as it was before, both at a social and business level.

Balanças Marques, the largest national weighing manufacturer and elected the best global company in the sector in 2019, is also doing “homework” in this matter. Taking advantage of the placement of most of its employees in teleworking, new tools and working methods have been implemented and new forms of communication between employees and customers have been established or deepened.

“At the end of this crisis, which we hope will not go on too long, we will necessarily have a very different country and world. So, how different should be the way we do business and communicate with customers ”, says Paulo Marques, Commercial Director of Balanças Marques. “In that sense, we have been using this forced stop from the beginning in the best way to make a definitive transition to digital. This is an opportunity to reposition ourselves, continuing the business through the use of digital channels and creating new ways of communicating directly with customers ”.

One of these ways has been the daily transmission of online training. The company’s commercials, working remotely from their homes, donned the new outfit of trainers and started to make tutorials, namely on the ETPOS billing software, live on Facebook, taking the opportunity to interact with customers answering any questions at the time. “This is a time when we must seek to break paradigms, abandon more conservative methods of work and communication, challenge limits and learn all, preparing for the post-Covid future”, adds Paulo Marques. “These trainings, which we are conducting not only in Portuguese, but also in English, French, German and Spanish, are being an excellent learning tool on how we want to relate to our customers and our public here foward”.

At the same time, many more tutorials are being produced on various topics and products, which are of most use to customers and users, to be made available later on in the various communication channels of the José Pimenta Marques Group company.

“We are also adopting video calls and video work meetings, among ourselves and with customers, as common practices, something that is certainly here to stay. We are finally realizing how many of the trips we take, inside and outside the country, will become unnecessary, to meet in person with customers and potential partners or even to provide training and provide technical assistance, knowing the costs of time and financial consequences that this entails ”, concludes Paulo Marques.

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