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BBL-1-WMOUNT Weighing Assembly

The BBL-1-WMOUNT support is designed to prevent unwanted forces from vessel thermal expansion from affecting the performance of our BBL-1 load cell. The weighing module is compact and cost-effective, especially for load cells in hopper and tank weighing applications, and facilitates easy mounting for the engineer on site.

It also incorporates a number of key features that allow the best-installed accuracy to be achieved, with a display resolution down to 100g being possible. The unit features an integrated check link to eliminate oscillations caused by slow-moving agitators etc, and all modules within a scale are identical and can be freely orientated in any direction. Load cell replacements require minimum lifting height via the integrated jacking device. There is also a safety feature included preventing the vessel being lifted on the load cell and overload stops to protect the load cell.

If delivered with a load cell, the weigh module will be shipped completely pre-assembled ready for installation by welding or bolting. This assembly along with any required instrumentation (display, amplifier etc.), can be supplied to form a complete weighing system solution.


  1. Capacity range up to 500kg

  2. Integrated check link (max 5kN)

  3. Integrated lift-off protection (max 5kN)

  4. Integrated overload protection

  5. Load introduction by ball and socket joint

  6. Low profile design

  7. Manufactured from zinc-plated steel

  8. Rod ends to assure a tension-free installation and therefore optimal accuracy/repeatability

  9. Simple to install


  1. Vessel Weighing

  2. Hanging Scales

  3. Conveyor Weighing

  4. Tensile Test Machines

  5. Small hopper/tank weighing

  6. Bagging machinery

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