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Benefits of weighbridge automation

The Benefits of Weighbridge Automation and Driver Terminals

As we look towards the future and the uses of technology, the core goal is to make businesses more efficient. This allows a business to increase productivity, but also to do it in the quickest, least intensive way possible.

A weighbridge is already an efficient way of managing incoming and outgoing vehicles. It provides near-instant data on stock levels and equipment, or even just the weight of the vehicle itself. In this month’s article, we’ll be sharing with you how you can go one step further, with the benefits of weighbridge automation and how it can be achieved.


Hygiene & Safety

At the time of writing, the global pandemic has brought most businesses to a halt. This is because distancing and hygiene have become paramount in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. With an ordinary weighbridge, it needs to be manned at all times, with someone there to operate the scale, get the tare weight, direct the driver and they may even be required to provide the driver with documents.

For obvious reasons, this is where an automated weighbridge system is a godsend. You can avoid physical contact between the driver and the weighbridge operator, helping to protect your own staff and the staff of others if the drivers are not from within your operations. This is especially important when you think how many different drivers from across the country – or even from further afield – will pass through your weighbridge system.

Speedier Supply Chain

If you play an integral part in the supply chain for your industry or specific product, a speedier system for incoming and outgoing vehicles is going to have a huge impact. As a quicker, more reliable company, you can present yourself to clients and customers as one of the leaders in your area and the solution to their problems.

An added bonus: during times such as a pandemic or other crises, a quicker supply chain can help keep the economy moving and ensure the delivery of vital supplies and equipment to those who need them.


Another obvious benefit of weighbridge automation is cost-saving. While it might seem like the amount you have to spend on automation is greater than having a standard weighbridge, it pays to look at the bigger picture. The need to have a member of staff stood out at the weighbridge all day is removed, which means you can make better use of your staff to deliver other services across your business.

The automation of your weighbridge also means the process of drivers passing in and out of your site or facilities becomes more streamlined. Since drivers will be able to take themselves through the process (more on that in the section below), you can expect to see a reduction in time spent at the weighbridges. This means a quicker turnaround for deliveries or exporting of stock or simply just a quicker way of weighing in equipment ready for a job.

How Your Weighbridge Could be Automated

There are several elements to weighbridge automation, each of which can offer its own benefits for a business looking to increase efficiency and streamline processes.

Driver Operated Terminals

With driver operated terminals, an unmanned weighbridge station means the true power of your weighbridge can be utilised. There is an easy driver interface which can be voice-activated, making the whole process of vehicles coming and going from your site as simple as possible. The almost limitless amount of information storage on driver, supplier, weight and product also means you will have all the data you need.

Traffic Management

If you’re pursuing an automated weighbridge system, you’ll be looking to rely on the drivers entering and exiting the site to do so responsibly. To help with this, automated traffic management systems can be combined with a driver-operated weighbridge terminal, meaning that you still get complete control over the number of vehicles entering and exiting, without the worry of congestion at your site.

Number Plate Recognition

Sometimes referred to as ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), your number plate recognition cameras will integrate with automated weighbridge software to simplify setting up automation for your weighbridge. It means you get an added layer of security for your site, delivering a smooth data relay with your database.

With all elements of your weighbridge seamlessly joined up, you can improve the security and efficiency of your processes for incoming and outgoing vehicles. At Weightron we provide all of the above elements of weighbridge automation, regardless of the industry you operate in.

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