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Success in the increasingly competitive manufacturing business takes more than the latest technology or equipment. It requires a strategy that can increase efficiencies, reduce costs and generate profits — constantly and consistently. BAYKON is dedicated to helping customers be more competitive and profitable by developing innovative technologies and strategies, using experts in their fields and encouraging mutually beneficial alliances with leading system integrators, control system manufacturers and customers.

BAYKON provides you with professional terminals specifically designed for batching, blending and dosing systems:

  1. Enhances batch, blending and filling control systems

  2. Increases material transfer speed and control

  3.  Improves manufacturing capacity and quality

  4.  Reduces manufacturing waste

  5.  Measures and sustains performance and improvement

Functional Features

  1. Comfortable monitored and controls

  2. Liquid filling and discharging modes

  3. Powder filling and transfer modes

  4. PLC,PC,DCS/Scada and ERP integration

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