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  1. To Work on the wall or on a table

  2.  IP 65 protection

  3.  6-digit 25 mm LCD display

  4.  7-key multifunction keyboard: ON / OFF, GROSS / NET, ZERO, TARE, PRINT, and TOTAL

  5.  Automatic and cumulative reloading

  6.  Tare fixation

  7.  Weight-Tare Function, Parts Account

  8.  RS 232 Output, Computer or Printer

  9. Possibility to connect to repeater of weight

  10.  Multiple communication protocols

  11.  Multiple pre-configured beads

  12.  Connection to an external battery (12V)

  13.  Includes: INOX multifunction stand

  14.  CE Approval Certificate

  15.  Viewers compatible with our entire range of Platforms

  16.  Equipment subject to EC verification

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