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CECIP welcomes EU industrial strategy


The European Commission published today its EU industrial strategy accompanied by the SME Strategy, a communication on single market barriers and the action plan on the single market rules. CECIP advocated for an ambitious EU industrial policy as part of the Industry4Europe coalition in the last years and is glad to see this document being presented today.

There is a wide range of measures proposed that should improve the competitiveness of the European industry. Particularly, the elements on the EU Single Market for services are welcomed by CECIP. Barriers in the area of verification services negatively impact the competitiveness of the European weighing industry, especially for SMEs. Actions that can remove the barriers such more guidance on the Services Directive and the principle of mutual recognition and improving access on legal requirements will be steps in the right direction. Still, CECIP is convinced the most optimal way to create a true EU Single Market in the European weighing industry is new EU legislation on the verification services.

Overall, the EU Industrial Strategy is the first step in the right direction. CECIP sincerely hopes the level of ambition is also maintained in its execution.

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