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Cleaning a balance and the surrounding work area is important to ensure operator safety and long equ

Greifensee, Switzerland——As pharmaceutical substances become more active, maintaining workplace safety and avoiding cross-contamination becomes more critical. A new white paper entitled “Proven Cleaning Procedures for Lab Balances and Safety Cabinets” will provide the essential information you need to ensure both accuracy and safety when working with highly reactive or potentially toxic substances.

“Proven Cleaning Procedures” contains helpful information on both cleaning methods and cleaning agents and gives detailed instructions on how to effectively decontaminate a balance and the surrounding safety-cabinet area. Recommendations in the paper are universally applicable to balances and safety benches of any manufacturer except where noted.

Appropriate balance-cleaning procedures help to minimize cross-contamination risk, enhance user safety, increase operating reliability, and reduce equipment failure rates. Over time, the rework and maintenance that can be avoided by using these cleaning procedures can help to significantly reduce lab operating costs.

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