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All Marques bridge scales are the result of more than 50 years of work in the weighing sector. And PCM SG Metalo-concrete with concrete is no exception. Developed for installations on the ground or to be built-in, our truck weights have a modular structure and other manufacturing characteristics that allow us to offer you a practical and reduced assembly time.

The installation operations of our weighbridge are carried out from the top of the platform. The load cells and the attack system are placed without fixing screws and in the factory. All wiring, including cell cables, is placed at the equipment’s mounting location. Due to the ease of fitting the modules and the minimum number of screws required, it is thus possible to install your new tipper in a very simple way and with reduced costs, without neglecting the quality of the solution.

PCM SG Metalo-concrete with concrete has standardized mixed modules with a width of 1.16 meters, allowing you to build your own weighing platform, up to 18 meters long and up to 3 meters wide. The concreting of our weighbridge is made with C24 / 30 S2 concrete previously darkened with elements that also promote the hardening of the concrete. The bridge, with a height of 240 mm and the treadmill, of 300 mm, form a compact set of high resistance and robustness.

Always ensuring, and above all, accuracy, the PCM SG tipper can carry, depending on the length of the bridge, 4, 6 or 8 load cells, built entirely in stainless steel or alloy steel, with a special lightning protection, IP 68 protection and 2 year warranty.

Durability is, therefore, another strength of this truckload. Available in painted version and in galvanized version, this truck weighs in both forms a great finish, to keep it looking longer for longer. In addition, with special features to facilitate maintenance of the platform, the PCM SG bridge tipper also has, for example, upper covers to access the load cells and simplify their cleaning.

Strong, sturdy, durable and easy to maintain, this truck weighbridge can therefore be the ideal answer to your weighing need.

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