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Conserve expensive, rare or toxic substances with the newly redesigned XPR Micro-Analytical balance

Conserve Precious Samples and Save Costs with the Newest METTLER TOLEDO XPR Analytical Balance

Expensive, rare or toxic substances must be used sparingly. To conserve them, you need to be able to weigh-out very small samples with a high degree of accuracy. The innovative design of the new XPR Analytical balance simplifies sample handling and helps you ensure right-first-time results, even at the lowest minimum weights.

Greifensee, Switzerland—1st September, 2019—With the new XPR Micro-Analytical balance from METTLER TOLEDO, it just became even easier to conserve materials, ensure accuracy, and save costs in your lab.

50% lower minimum weight: Economical handling of demanding, valuable or toxic samples is becoming more and more important. Hence the minimum load that can be weighed on a balance within the uncertainty range becomes crucial.

Small samples, big cost savings as Excellence balances offer the largest selection of high-resolution analytical and semi-micro balances with benchmarking measurement performance. This lets you dose tiny sample quantities directly into larger tare containers with unparalleled accuracy. You use your precious sample material more efficiently.

Selecting the right balance is crucial to choose the balance that meets the requirements for accuracy, conformity and quality. Our GWP® Recommendation service is available free of charge around the globe. GWP® is a unique scientific approach linking customer process requirements with a suitable balance selection that includes concrete maintenance recommendations to keep it accurate.  This gives the certainty that the selected balance complies with necessary regulations and is a fit for your environment.

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