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DD2050HS Hopper Scale Terminal

Weightron’s DD2050HS Hopper Scale Terminal is a powerful and versatile PC-based instrument, specifically designed for controlling and managing the operation of discontinuous hopper scales. 

Offering precision-weighing accuracy, the unit can be used at:

  1. Ports and terminals

  2. Road and rail terminals

  3. Processing plants

  4. Silo storage sites

Based on our well established DD2050 touch screen weight terminal, the weights and measures approved HS version has been specially developed to meet the demands for high-speed and accurate weighing of bulk materials. The instrument features:

  1. Large, user-friendly 300 mm touch screen with comprehensive graphic interface

  2. Full alphanumeric capability for data entry allowing

  3. USB interface for connection of a remote keyboard and printer.

  4. Print-outs that can provide all key data from a particular run.

The controller is ideal for new installations or upgrading existing discontinuous hopper scales that use outdated and standalone technology. The DD2050HS connects directly with existing loadcell-based hopper scales, without the need for additional instrumentation. It provides all the necessary inputs and outputs to control the whole weighing process. Versatile fine and coarse set-points ensure pinpoint material flow cut off accuracy and speed.

The full capabilities of the DD2050HS can be realized when one or more hopper scales are connected via Weightron’s powerful Centerpoint software, which can be installed on a standard Windows PC or Windows Server. It supports Orders, Planning operations and Product route control, whilst handling Stock management. CenterPoint collects the Start report, each Batch report and the Stop report of each operation. For added versatility, the software can integrate with third party ERP systems such as SAP providing the user with extensive data import/export capabilities at single or multiple locations, both online and offline.

Please note that we can also assess the condition of the existing load cells and mounting hardware supporting your hopper and carry out upgrades as necessary.

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