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Downtime-Reducing Truck Scale Features

Maintenance is one cost of owning a truck scale that is sometimes disregarded until it is too late. While routine maintenance is necessary to ensure that your truck scale lasts, if the scale’s design necessitates frequent repairs and changes, you’ll end up paying for more than just the scale’s repair. You’re wasting valuable operation time every time you stop operations to address unanticipated maintenance demands. Not only should your truck scale be built to last, but you should also look for a manufacturer who includes features that make maintenance easier and save downtime.

Load Cell Cable Protection

Outside of the truck scale module, some manufacturers use encased cables, putting the cables at danger of damage from rodents or harsh weather. This can lead to frequent and frequently unwarranted system repairs. Inquire about the load cell cable protection on each of the models you’re considering with your truck scale dealer. Look for a company that uses steel conduits integrated into the cables to protect them from rats, crushing, and harsh weather.

Access to Electronics

Access covers that are bolted on can cause maintenance to be delayed. Bolts can become frozen or rusted in place, making it more difficult for specialists to examine and replace load cells and electronics. To safeguard load cells and electronics, several manufacturers utilise boltless access covers. Using a pry bar to raise the cover away from the rest of the scale deck, this design allows rapid access to electronics from the top of the scale deck.

Mounting System

After each vehicle moves on and off the scale, many truck scale mounts require the use of check rods and bumper bolts to reset the modules to centre. To preserve accuracy and scale integrity, this design necessitates constant maintenance and foundation repairs. Some manufacturers have abandoned this expensive technology in favour of a self-centering arrangement that relies on the force of vehicle loading to re-center the modules on the mounts.

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