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Economy S beam and How are they made? – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

Economy S Beam How are they made?

They are made from an aluminum or steel block with a CNC. The center part is removed along the sides to make the arms and channels. One channel is for the load cell cable and the other two for cell support.

Threads are added to all of them, whose diameter and type depend on: Capacity and market (metric/imperial) Conduit and cable are inserted now. Strain gauges are bonded to the cell. They are: bridge balanced, zero balanced & temperature compensated.

Full capacity adjustment many not take place for some cells. If cell fails test, it needs to be fixed or discarded, otherwise it can be finalized. The center cavity can be epoxy filled or left as found before securing the cover. It is either glued or secured by a nut as in this image.

Certificate of conformance may be placed along it. Load cell is now finished and ready for installation after delivery.

Note Notice you can see thread details in the top/ bottom arms. It’s all about image quality with a professional camera.

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