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Engineering Mechanics – Material’s Mechanical Properties – Mass Weight Force & Tech

Strength: The amount of stress and material can withstand Yield: The maximum stress a material can endure before plastic deformation. Ultimate: Maximum stress a material can withstand during a tensile test Tensile load propagate cracks while compressive ones do not.

Ductility: The amount of plastic deformation a material can undergo before fracture. If the material breaks at a low strain level with virtually no plastic deformation, it is said to be brittle. There is no transition point between ductility and brittleness. Temperature can change the ductility of a material.

Toughness: The amount of energy a material can absorb before fracture. It can be calculated as the area under the stress/strain curve. Most applications operate in the elastic region. So resilience is analogue to toughness on the elastic region only.

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