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Enhance your weighing accuracy, comfort and productivity with the redesigned XPR Analytical balance

Replace Your Tedious Routine with the More Relaxed Weigh-in Experience of the New XPR Analytical Balance from METTLER TOLEDO

Weighing is an important act in every laboratory—but it can become tedious and even uncomfortable. The design of the new, smaller XPR Analytical balance gives you deeper access to the weighing chamber. This makes every weigh-in easier so you can stay steady and get more done.

Greifensee, Switzerland—1st September, 2019—METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to support your needs for an accurate, intuitive weighing experience with the launch of our newly redesigned XPR Analytical balance.

The weighing pan has been lowered by 50%. You can now place your arm on the table for greater convenience and comfort while weighing-in, instead of having to hold it in place in the balance. Your benefits: A more relaxed weighing experience, less fatigue, less muscle tension, and less material lost to spills and scattering. It’s much easier to do.

Shorter weighing-in distance makes weighing much easier as the narrower design of the Excellence Level analytical balance means that when weighing in from the side with a spatula, the distance to the weighing vessel is shorter – yet another great advantage that makes weighing more relaxed and reduces the error rate. Every centimeter counts – and makes weighing-in leaner

Discover for yourself why the new, smaller XPR Analytical balance is a perfect combination of high performance, reliability and ease-of-use to help enhance weighing accuracy, comfort and productivity. Check out the new XPR Analytical balance from METTLER TOLEDO or request a quote today.

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