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Explosion Proof Truck Scale -Tanzania

Jinmai Explosion-proof electronic truck scales / Weighbridges are adopting utility model patented technology. Explosion-proof system is formed by installing the relevant explosion-proof weighing appliances and explosion-proof weighing modules on the weighing platform. Elimination or cutting of links in the system that may generate explosion sources (electrical short-circuit sparks, electrostatic friction sparks, high-temperature energy concentration, etc.) to achieve the purpose of using the instrument in explosive atmospheres.

Jinmai Explosion-proof truck scale is widely used in chemical, military, pharmaceutical and other explosion-proof gas and explosion-proof dust environment. The system has high accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable work, and easy installation and maintenance. According to the needs of users, they can also choose the slope and the middle ground balance frame.

our production line cover Crane Scales, Dynamometer, Loader Scales, Truck Scales, Belt Scales, Platform Scales, Portable Axle Scales, Forklift Scale, Pallet Scale, Railway Scale, Weighing Management Software, weighing  accessories and Customized Scales, off-site law enforcement system, highway toll station system and other weighing products and Internet of things system, Widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial, transportation, scientific research and more others areas, for the world industrial development to provide accurate, reliable and fast weighing services.

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