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Factors that The Director, Legal Metrology considers for approval of GATC application.

To Obtain the status of a Government Approved Test Centre (GATC), an application has to be drafted according to and should include all the details mentioned in the Second Schedule. This application has to be presented by the Principal Officer of the testing centre, addressed to the Director, Legal Metrology. Based on the application and other criteria, the Director can make a recommendation for approval.

According to The Legal Metrology (Government Approved Test Centre) Rules, 2013 While making a recommendation for approval of a Government Approved Test Centre, the Director, Legal Metrology shall consider the following:-

  1. Availability and accessibility of land and building;

  2. Adequacy of measuring equipment, testing facilities and other infrastructure;

  3. Availability of technically qualified manpower;

  4. Capacity for efficient and timely service to customers;

  5. Willingness to get equipment periodically verified by secondary standard laboratory or any other agency determinable by Director, Legal Metrology;

  6. Willing to train its employees in institutions nominated by Director Legal Metrology;

  7. Any other factor, which in the opinion of Director, Legal Metrology will affect the proper functioning of Government Approved Test Centre;

  8. Conditions to set up;

  9. Qualifications.- The qualification of the principal officer or any of the employee of the Government Approved Test Centre shall be equivalent to the qualification as specified in the Legal Metrology (General Rules), 2011 for a Legal Metrology Officer;

  10. Experience.- The principal officer or any of the employees of the Government Approved Test Centre shall have working experience of at least three years in the field of legal metrology.


All the above functions are mentioned in the GATC Rules,2013. For more information about the fee for verification and place of verification, click the link below –  

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