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General Measure’s New High Speed Packing Filler For Granule Materials Small Pack

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) – Press Release: Browsing in the supermarket, you can find there is a trend that the foods are packed in small packs instead of large ones, which is fresh and convenient.

General Measure designed a high-speed packing filler AF-01K for packing the granular materials from 50g to 1kg. The speed of dual filler can reach 3600pcs/h and the accuracy is ±2g. It’s suitable for various kinds of granules like rice, beans, coffee beans, millet, salt, sugar, and so on. The great performance makes it ideal for the replacement of multi-head combination packing machines and volumetric method packing machines, which improves production efficiency and quality and reduces costs.

Step motor plus vibrator feeding-type and pneumatic discharging-type guarantee the stable while speedy packing. The smart algorithm supports a self-adjust function with a target value set only. Then the machine will automatically optimize the packing weight approaching the target by adjusting fast feeding, vibrator feeding, or other mechanical parts, which is quite easy to operate.

General Measure is dedicated to providing you with an efficient weighing-packing solution.

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