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Heavy Duty Weighbridge-Weightron

The Titan surface weighbridge is designed for reliable, high-capacity vehicle weighing in the harshest of working environments. We have been manufacturing this traditional side-beam weighbridge design for over 40 years and the fully welded, drive-through steel structure is designed to withstand very high concentrated loads and continual use.

Now, the latest additional Titan CB and CBM designs highlight our continued innovation in the development of legal-for-trade vehicle weighing equipment.

The CB version is constructed as an integrated single structure, whilst the CBM modular version consists of two identical half modules. The latter can facilitate transportation and installation in restricted access areas.

The sloping, low profile entry-exit deck structure provides an efficient, cost-effective design, whilst the deep profile, robust longitudinal beams offer an extremely stiff structure. The varying concentration of lateral steel beams along the length of the weighbridge deck takes into account high loading areas and the oversized longitudinal side beams are specified for minimum deflection along the standard 18 metre length.

  1. Bespoke capacities, lengths and widths up to 150 t

  2. Ideal for weighing large off-road vehicles

  3. Manufactured to EN1090 Standards

  4. Low profile vehicle entry

  5. Available as single-end entry construction

  6. No need for additional side rails

  7. Optional low profile ramps

  8. Can be fitted with CPD digital or CPR analogue stainless steel load cells

  9. Ideal for short term portable/hire applications

  10. Can be installed in shallow pits

Weighbridge Innovation

As part of our weighbridge innovation programme, we have developed proprietary technology for sloping weighbridges, permitting installation on sites with gradients up to 1 in 20. This can optimise use of space and reduce civils work. Our bespoke design capability also allows us to build weighbridge decks to existing foundations. This can reduce civil engineering costs and significantly minimise site disruption during installation.

Weighbridge Load cells

Our compact CPD and CPR weighbridge load cells meet the stringent IP69K sealing standards. They feature built-in lightning protection and can be fitted with rodent- proof cables. This level of sealing and proprietary mounting hardware ensure optimum reliability for these key components, meaning your weighbridge will continue to do what it is designed for – accurate weighing – day in, day out.

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