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Hermetic S Beam – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

This compact size load cell protects the strain gauges and cable entry points. IP68 rating allows continuous water immersion from 1 m to 3 m. The actual immersion depth is determined by the manufacturer.

COST Vs OPERATIONAL TIME There is a price to pay for this level of protection. Is it worth the initial cost?

For regular applications under normal operation conditions, the answer is no. However, for humid, flooding areas, constant water exposure, ongoing power wash, difficult to reach places, & hazardous areas, the answer will be yes.

The initial operational cost will be recuperated over time. As a customer, you are saving money and have less operational downtime. As the installer, you spend fewer resources maintaining a long lasting product.

The first impression: Can this sensor qualify as a beam? What do you think? Is it truly a beam with attached arms? Where are the strain gauges placed?

The second impression: The massive connector’s size. These connectors usually have a combination of metal and glass. Henceforth, the size becomes larger than otherwise.

The third impression: The price shock. The weighing structure will probably become out of service before the sensor does.

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