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New Hardy HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processors & Weight Transmitters Designed for OEM Applications

Accurate, Stable, and Fast Weight Readings in an Ultra-Compact Package

The Hardy HI 6200 series are either high-performance single-channel Weight Processors (featuring EtherNet/IP or PROFINET) or Weight Transmitters featuring 4-20mA Analog communications.

The EtherNet/IP and PROFINET HI 6200 models enable IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) compatibility, remote diagnostics, 32-bit ARM Core processing, a 100 Hz update rate, and a color touch-screen display.

The HI 6200 4-20mA Analog is designed to replace signal conditioners and analog strain gauge transmitters, providing OEMs, Systems Integrators, or machine builders the advantage of C2® Electronic Calibration. The color touch screen display also enables Zero and Tare, which are not functions typically available directly on Analog transmitters.

Ultra-compact at just 2 inches wide and 3 inches high (without connectors), the HI 6200 series saves 

cabinet space, allowing for high-density panel design over traditional weighing instrumentation, reducing both machine cost and control cabinet footprint.

The HI 6200 series is designed to replace signal conditioners and analog strain gauge transmitters with clean 4-20mA Analog signals or Fieldbus connectivity. The HI 6200 series enables users to reap the benefits of IIoT device-level connectivity through a built-in Webserver or directly via the UDP Transport Layer.

EASE OF USE The intuitive 1.8” TFT-LCD touch screen interface is thoughtfully designed so that anyone with basic scale knowledge can set up and operate the instrument without having to read a manual or receive instruction. Despite its tiny size, the high contrast color TFT display provides crisp easy-to-read measurements and instrument status.

SOLID PERFORMANCE Powerful 32-bit  ARM Core processing or 16-bit processing (Analog models), state-of-the-art hardware design, combined with Hardy’s WAVERSAVER® technology ensure fast stable weight readings in even the most adverse conditions that often plague process control. As a co-processer to a control system such as a PLC, DCS or PAC, the HI 6200 delivers 100 updates per second of processed weight data at resolutions exceeding 1:10,000 without placing additional burden or delay into control loops that depend on accurate, stable, and fast weight readings from analog sensors. HARDY PROCESS TOOLBOX All versions include the Hardy Process Toolbox, a proprietary set of productivity tools that includes C2® weightless calibration, WAVERSAVER®, Integrated Technician system diagnostics, and a suite of control integration tools such as a Rockwell EDS_AOP, Faceplates, and PROFINET GSD files.  The Analog Version features C2® zero and tare functions through the TFT display.

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