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High Resolution Platforms PL.16.HRP.EX.H


The series of HRP professional high resolution platforms suits every single branch of industry requiring high accuracy, precision and repeatability of measurement in challenging industrial environment. Platforms of HRP series are a perfect partner of yours. Automatic adjustment performed by means of an internal adjustment weight is a warranty for a remarkably effective operation and repeatability of indications. You save your time and avoid the inconvenience of manual operation.

The platform design complies with 2014/34/UE directive and IECEx certification system. Depending on the construction, the device can be used in environment filled with explosive gases and dusts, classified as zones: 2 and 22. The platform is equipped with an intrinsically safe RS 485 communication interface enabling connection of the platform with a PUE HX5.EX terminal. HRP can be connected to the mains only via an intrinsically safe power supply, PM02.EX-1 -2 or PM02.EX-2-2.

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